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Indonesian beer Bali Hai


by Djons

Bali Hai Beer

I’m sitting at home right now with a cold. Drinking Coldrex instead of beer. It’s good that there are records from the big tasting held for Ashan. Among the many samples, a beer from Indonesian brewery Bali Hai was memorable. Not that it was an interesting beer per se, rather — the contents were better than expected.

Digging through the blog later, I saw that I had already had one beer from Bali Hai. It was Panther Black Beer. I was surprised then too — a «southern» brewery, but the beer is quite interesting. As a rule, in hot countries the whole range is reduced to a hopless, light, unpretentious lager. There’s an explanation for this — it’s very hard to drink anything else in the heat. Even the usual weitzen at +40, produces a knockout effect (tested in Egypt).

Bali Hai (Indonesia, Jakarta) — contrary to tradition, I will not write separately about each beer, because I did not have enough time to assess it thoughtfully. Nevertheless — why did I single out this particular beer? As I wrote above — I expected worse. No, Premium is quite a full-bodied, malt lager with notes of honey and flowers. Can it be classified as a «Munich lager»? Probably, yes. Draft Light — expectedly light beer, but not quite watery either, the taste is there. Romantic Day Lager — really not sweet, clean and pleasant lager. Malt tones of course in the first place, but if you compare it to our «southern lagers», it’s like Bali and Anapa.

The whole beer, given its style and purpose, I rate as «B-«. I won’t tell you the price, but it shouldn’t be too cheap, so it’s interesting just as a «taste».

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Bali Hai Beer
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