Jūrmala beer

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Beer Jūrmala

It’s been a long time since I’ve written reports about beer tastings at festivals and trade shows, because the feeling behind all this celebration of life is blurred and impossible to assess correctly. Nevertheless, you can do it with some of the beers. There is no point in buying it and it is impossible to spoil the impression :). Please welcome – Jūrmala beer from Cēsu Alus brewery.

Cēsis is quite far from Jurmala, but the brand itself begs for a Latvian beer. By the way, there is no brewery in Jurmala itself, not even a small one. There is Viedi, but they are in Jelgava, which is also not Jurmala. Although, maybe in the last couple of years something has changed and some restaurant-brewery has appeared. I don’t know…

As for Cēsu Alus, it’s probably the last big brewery in Latvia, as Aldaris and Lāčplēsis production was moved to Lithuania long ago. There is also a canning line in Cēsu, where many brands belonging to the Finnish Olvi are bottled. At one time they even bottled (not brewed, but poured into cans) Alivaria, which, as you know, belongs to Carlsberg! Such a collaboration of beer giants :)

Jūrmala Unfiltered (Cesis, Latvia) – 5.4% alcohol. Clean, hollow beer with a hint of bread and some yeast. Naturally, the main flavor, it is malty. You could call it plain, if it weren’t for the 5.4% alcohol (by the way, it doesn’t feel like it). What I don’t like about Latvian beers in general is that most have a strength above 5 alk. Not much to drink in the heat. Otherwise, not a bad euro lager. Unfiltered grade “C+.

Jūrmala (Latvia, Cesis) – 5.2% alk. It’s even simpler. Quite canonical Eurolager. Malt, clean, empty. The same yellow water with bubbles. C grade.

This beer was in our stores at one time, then seems to have disappeared (UP They say it’s in Norman’s). If it appears again, it makes sense to buy it only for drinking food and not more expensive than 60 rubles.

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