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Presentation of Dargett beer

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Dargett Beer

This past Friday, In pivo veritas hosted a presentation of a craft beer from Armenia – Dargett. A year ago, I already wrote about this beer and talked a little bit in a video about Prodexpo 2020. There were only four beers from this brewery on display in Russia at the time.


Let me remind you – Dargett is probably the first (and only?) craft brewery in Armenia. They have a restaurant-brewery and a brewery. Initially they only brought us what was brewed at the brewery. Now they also brought some beers from the restaurant brewery, of which there are over thirty in stock!

I won’t repeat the description of what I tasted a year ago. The impression has not changed, it all deserves a solid “B”. I would upgrade the Pilsner to a B+, though.

Пиво Dargett WeizenПиво Dargett Vienna LagerПиво Dargett Black IPA

Dargett Weizen (Armenia, Yerevan) – 5% alk. Not a bad weizen, but a bit out of the classic theme. IBU 20, which is a bit much for this style. Bitterness is not so obvious, but it is felt and it is not quite appropriate here. Also not much banana, but there is yellow apple and cloves. Nevertheless, the beer is full-bodied and doesn’t leave a watery feeling. C+ grade.

Dargett Vienna Lager (Armenia, Yerevan) – 5% acl. Excellent Viennese lager. Caramel and a little bread tones in both flavor and aftertaste, while the beer is moderately dry and full-bodied. Rated B+.

Dargett Pale Ale (Armenia, Yerevan) – 5.5% alcohol. We drank it on tap, so no photos. Aromatic, moderately bitter and balanced. A bit of sweet fruit and citrus. Not heavy caramel. A great Pale Ale in an American style! A- rating.

Dargett Black IPA (Armenia, Yerevan) – 7.5% alcohol. The style of Black IPA is very complex. I have met few beers that had a good balance. It has to be an IPA in the first place, but apart from the black color there is also something different. Dargett managed to get it right. This beer, by the way, is already from a restaurant brewery.

Christmas trees and citrus, both in the aroma and aftertaste. A bit of caramel body and very light, complementary, burnt hints. That said, the beer is drinkable. Grade “A”.

Пиво Dargett DIPAПиво Darget Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Dargett DIPA (Armenia, Yerevan) -8.5% alk. Collaboration with the Italian brewery CANEDIGUERRA. Hop aroma more into the fruit. Dry and because of this there is a slight lapse at the beginning of the aftertaste. Bitterness is quite on the level, although if you’re expecting something “edgy” from 95 IBU, no. There are many reasons for this and it does not mean that “the hops were not added. A little pepper in the aftertaste. The grade is “B +”.

Armenian Imperial Stout (Armenia, Yerevan) -10% alk. The cherry on the cake – Armenian Imperial Stout, also a restaurant brew! No matter how ridiculous the name may sound (let it be just a joke), but the beer is excellent! Aging in cognac barrels has made itself felt. Both cognac and barrel tones are there. There is also a little bit of brett. I do not like this flavor, but here he fit organically. Naturally burnt and coffee tones are also there. The body is dry, so if someone doesn’t like sweet imperials, it’s perfect for them! A grade.

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