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Krombacher Hell Beer


by Djons

Krombacher Hell Beer

I wanted to try Krombacher Pils, which according to the Roskachestvo website is produced by the Moscow Brewing Company, but I couldn’t find it in the nearest stores. Probably because it is brewed by Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. In the end, I bought Krombacher Hell. As it turned out, I did not write anything about it and even in the «tap» did not mark.

However, I liked the Krombacher Hell very much in 2001, when I visited Germany for the first time. I remember buying a 5 liter keg and bringing it back to Russia. Later on, when I had some tasting experience and my beer horizon broadened considerably, I almost never bought it. Hel and helle, why try it!

Krombacher Hell (Germany, Kreuzthal) — 5/11.7 Aroma is weak, malty. Taste a little sweet, also malted, full. In the aftertaste a little bread and a slight bitterness, a few flowers. Clean, balanced lager. No frills, but what frills can be at the helle. Grade «B».

In the comments to my video about the beer «rating» from Roskachestvo, a representative of this organization invited me to their office to ask questions about how this contest was conducted. It seems to me that only lazy fellows have not trampled on this «rating», but why not give a voice to the opposite side?

I suggest you post in the comments the questions you’d like to ask them about the beer evaluation and making this «rating».

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Krombacher Hell
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