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Ureich Premium Lager and two Weizens beer


by Djons

Ureich Premium Lager and Two Weitzen

I’ve been eyeing this beer at Otdochni (where I bought Zakatnoe the day before yesterday) for a long time, but didn’t take one because I knew it was Eichbaum. Nothing interesting in the style of lagers and Weitzens to expect here. But I saw that it was discounted (the price was about 54 rubles) and was hooked.

Ureich Premium Lager (Germany, Mannheim) — 4.8/10.7 The aroma has a little honey and flowers. The taste is sweet and through this malted sweetness comes through some «rubberiness. Not a lot, but there is. There is also a hop. Grassy. A little bit of color and sulfurousness inherent in many German pils. Everything seems to be in place, but somehow unbalanced. Drinkable, but not enjoyable. Grade «C».

Ureich Hefeweizen Hell (Germany, Mannheim) — 5.2/11.8 Typical Weizen. Banana is there. Lack of vigor. The rest, as it should be — a little white bread and clove notes in the aftertaste. Normal weitzen. Grade «B-«.

Ureich Hefeweizen Dunkel (Germany, Mannheim) — 5.2/11.8 I hoped that the dark weizen will be more interesting, but alas. In the aroma of a light banana and burnt. Flavor is flat, mealy. In the aftertaste a bit of caramel and a light banana. Seems more watery compared to the usual Weitzen. However, there’s not much to complain about. Rated C+.

Bottom line — it’s just a beer with no pretensions to any frills. Just a drink. Clean, unpretentious, inexpensive.

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Ureich beer
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