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Beer The Dashing 90s by Daviz Beer brewery in Rostov


by Djons

Dashing 90s Beer from Daviz Beer Rostov Brewery

Anyone who follows my YouTube channel probably remembers that in September, Zhenya Smirnov and I from the «Beryu Vichodnoy» store chain flew to Rostov brewery Daviz. It was Zhenya’s idea — DIPA with continuous 90-minute hops (hence the name — The Dashing 90s). And now, after a long struggle with RAP’s evil creatures in the form of FRAP, the beer has come to Moscow!

Let me tell you right away — in Moscow it will only be available in stores «Beryu Vykhodnoy». While only in the can. Price 265 rubles. Expensive? Yes! But it’s worth it (plus our trip to Rostov, crayfish eaten and dancing for an hour and a half around the brewery :)). ).

Rostov bergiks have already unsubscribed in the untappd, that they say — «body watery, hops maximum failure. Knock yourselves out! All as it should!

The Dashing 90s (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) — 8/18 When we brewed it, the idea was this — without excessive caramel sweetness and without annoying tropical fruit. It turned out that way. A lovely, bright aroma of citrus and a touch of Christmas trees. The taste is moderately dry, but candy-like. Alcohol is not noticeable at all. Grapefruit zest, pine resin and some passion fruit in the aftertaste.

In Eugene’s telegram feed, someone predicted that I would give this beer an «A-.» No, I’m going to give it an A. At least as long as it’s fresh and the hops haven’t begun to reduce — a great DIPA on the level of «Baltimore and New York’s finest houses.» Great balance! Reminded me in some ways of Pliny the Elder from Russian River.

And here is a video from BV — how we brewed beer «Dashing 90s».

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The Dashing 90s beer
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