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Beck’s Gold Beer


by Djons

Beck's Gold Beer

Beck’s Gold beer was found and bought at Pyatyeochka. It was on the same shelf as the regular Beck’s, but a little more expensive — 118 rubles! Everything is right on schedule — Germany, Bremen, Brauerei Beck… Importer (and manufacturer) AB InBew Efes. Seeing the inscription «Gold», I honestly did not entertain any hopes. As a rule, under such a name hides either export or just a Eurolager.

In Untappd, this beer is called Lager — Pale, while regular Beck’s in a green can is proudly called Pilsner — German. I can’t say anything bad about the green can. Yes, it doesn’t look like a good pilsner, but the beer is clean, not completely empty, and somewhere you can even notice the hop. What about Beck’s Gold?

Beck’s Gold (Bremen, Germany) — 4.9/11.2 Malty aroma, pleasant. The taste is clean, also malty, fresh. In the aftertaste you can distinguish the hops, as it seemed to me even more than in the regular version. The hops are grassy and a little… not so much coarse, but let’s say brutal.

Without regard to the price — not a bad beer. Rated C+. I think that because of all the negative trends for beer, it’s the price of 115-120 rubles will be the base price for mass imported beer. With discounts we’ll probably be able to see it for 100 (ok, 99 rubles!).

For some old brands that have been on the market for a long time, they will try to keep the price and increase it by a small penny. The new ones, on the other hand, are in this range.

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Beck's Gold
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