Rinkuškiai IPA


by Djons

Rinkuškiai IPA

The other day Igor Chersky had a video about Baltic beer. We took a quick look at what Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian beers are available at the market. Lithuania turned out to be bigger. One of the brands we tried was Rinkuškiai.

About it, I have repeatedly written about it on the blog as well. Not the cheapest, but not the worst representative of Lithuanian brewing. Nothing particularly impressed me, except that I liked Rink’s Pilsner. And recently I bought Rinkuškiai IPA. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly where, but I remember that for 120 rubles.

Rinkuškiai IPA (Biržai, Lithuania) — 5/12 The aroma is somewhat sweet with tropical fruit and pine. The taste is full, caramel, but I would not say that luscious. In the aftertaste, the spruce resin comes to the forefront and the tropical goes into the background, which isn’t bad. The beer is clean, drinkable and completely American IPA style. Rating of «B».

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Александр Иджон
Rinkuškiai IPA
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