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по Djons

Stephans Brau Lager beer

I see a beer from another fake brewery, Stephans Brau, and I wonder. Amazed at what? I wonder if there’s a good commercial interest in this! Releasing and bringing it out isn’t even half the battle, it’s probably a third. The main thing is to sell it! And even if you have good connections in the networks, getting a new SKU on the shelf is not so easy and often costs money.

Print an N- (not insignificant!) number of cans for the new gov-ny, bring it all in, and store it in storage for a while. Get it online. Sell it. And all this in the relatively low price segment, where the profit per unit is measured in pennies. And then do it all over again, another Scheisebrough with the obligatory Premium Quality. And so it goes round and round.

I understand why this beer is cheap. Who it’s aimed at, too. What is the point of this pantyhose – I do not understand. It’s one thing to make a brand and develop it. Another – to dump on the market 100500 identical, stupid, meaningless brand, which live as long as the only lot is sold.

It would be interesting to talk to someone who carries this kind of stuff. Understand the economics. But okay, let’s move on to another gov-ny.

Stephans Brau Lager (Germany, Mannheim) – 4.2/9.5 Brewed on our “favorite” Eichbaum. Aroma is almost gone, but you can catch something malty. The taste is watery, empty. In the aftertaste a little iron, malt and even a little hop. Boring, depressing. It’s a shame to spend even 60 rubles. Rating “C”.

Apparently, somewhere else sells and dark and maybe weitzen (holy trinity). But I will not write about them specifically, because it is doubtful that it will be something interesting.


Alexandr Idzhon
Stephans Brau

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