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Choco Mammuth Beer and Hyperborea Cocoa & Coconut Edition


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Choco Mammuth Beer and Hyperborea Cocoa & Coconut Edition

I conclude my story about the beers from 1 Tonna (although the brewery has a lot more in its assortment). As usual, at the very end, we have the hardy imperial stouts Choco Mammuth and Hyperborea.

Choco Mammuth (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 10/25 This beer was first presented at Big Craft Day in 2016. I liked it then, liked it after and like it now. But, as with Stout System’s milk stouts, it’s to the mood. Whether it comes in sweet or not.  I don’t deny sweet imperials and I don’t insist on them being dry. I like both.

The aroma is chocolate. The taste is sweet. The aftertaste also has bitter chocolate and a slight pleasant bitterness. Very tasty! There’s a reason this beer is one of the most popular (in the craft segment) from the brewery. A- rating.

Choco Mammuth: Coconut Ed. (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 10/25 All the same as in the basic version, plus added coconut. The coconut is good, of course, but for me it strains a bit and makes the beer less palatable.  Too bright, too sweet. Nevertheless, it is very tasty and boozy of course. But 10% alcohol is not felt at all here. Rated B+.

Hyperborea Cocoa & Coconut Edition (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 14.5/31.4 Very, very thick beer. Even when pouring, you can see how high density. Leaks like butter, nevertheless with a good foam, which is a rarity for imperials.

aroma, taste and aftertaste can be said briefly – “Bounty”, fresh, straight from the branch! It’s possible, thick, sweet. A dessert beer for which you don’t need anything at all. Just sit back and drink it in small sips, sipping, after dinner. A little bit of alcohol comes through, but for these specifications, it is quite forgivable and does not deliver a negative feeling. A- Grade.


Alexandr Idzhon
Choco Mammuth beer

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