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Palm Beer

I saw Belgian Palm beer in “Metro”, which is certainly not new to the Russian market, and decided to update my impressions. Especially since I did not write about it separately, but only mentioned it in the context of different events.

Honestly, all things being equal, if it was a choice between Palm and some other Belgian beer, I chose the other. I could never understand the popularity of this beer in bars and restaurants. Not that I thought it was bad, but it was boring and didn’t quite capture the Belgian atmosphere.

The beer is brewed in the brewery, which is called – Palm. The date of foundation is considered 1706, when Andries Van Dourselar, who had rented the brewery (contract brewer!), acquired the inn De Hoorn. In addition to the inn itself, the farm had a brewery, a distillation cube and a malt drying kiln.

The brewery grew and developed without any problems. Even the Second World War passed quietly, it was not destroyed unlike many competitors, which allowed it to quickly take over the market after the end of the war.

In 2014 it was renamed Palm Belgian Craft Brewers and also opened a small, experimental 10-hectoliter brewery called De Hoorn.

In 2016, the Swinkels family, better known as the Dutch concern Bavaria, bought the controlling stake.

Palm (Belgium, Steenhuffel) 5,2/12,4 The beer is designated as a “Belgian amber ale.” As amber ales are supposed to be, the main tone of the beer is caramel. A soft, rounded taste is not too sweet, but you can’t call it dry either. In the aftertaste resinous notes and citrus, which balances the caramel well. Light and pleasant bitterness.

Yes, a pleasantly drinkable amber ale. Nothing extreme, but that’s the beauty of it. Just a tasty beer. Rated B+.

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Palm beer
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