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Stout System milk stouts from 1 Tone Brewery


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Stout System milk stouts from 1 Tone Brewery

Back to the beer from 1 Ton brewery from Zhukovsky. Previous posts here, here, and here. Let’s move on from the various IPAs to the dark side and start with the Stout System series of milk stouts, which are not just milk stouts, but Cosmic Milk Stout!

Stout System: Milk Nebula (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 5,5/16 Aroma: coffee cake (or whatever it is called). The taste is very sweet, dairy. In the aftertaste a bit of chocolate and a slight bitterness at the end. Grade “B”.

Stout System: Cookie Asteroid (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 5.5/16 The flavor is really cookie. A little less sweet than the previous one (or perceived as less sweet if you have only one base). In the aftertaste oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. Very pleasant beer. Rated B+.

Stout System: Cappuccino Void (Russia, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) – 5,5/16 The aroma is cappuccino and the taste is cappuccino. The fact that this beer gives away a slight bitterness in the aftertaste. Also interesting and tasty. Rated B+.

Fun series. Good for those with a sweet tooth. Those who do not like sweets, I think will either remain indifferent or even negative. Good thing that pours in 0,33, as I personally (I’m neutral to the sweet stuff), to drink more than one can would be a bit heavy.

It is clear that all these flavors are achieved with flavorings. Most likely DÖHLER. I don’t see what the big deal is. But here’s the interesting thing – in the same “Tap” beer drinkers happily give good marks to such beers from mini breweries and are loudly indignant if the brewing giants did it. It’s true that beer giants use flavorings for some reason (I know why!) and for simple beer, which can be tasted without all this.


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