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Zest Beer – Blanc from Bakunin


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Zest Beer - Blanc from Bakunin

Let’s get back to our producers. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a beer from the Bakunin brewery in St. Petersburg. I used to like it in terms of price/quality ratio, or rather taste. There were a lot of interesting things at a very reasonable price. In the beginning of course there were some quality problems, but eventually they were solved and the beer was what is called, “at the level”.

The other day I saw it in a store also for a good price of 140 rubles. The style is not flashy, usual (ten years ago who would have said so!) blanc. All the more interesting to try Bakunin’s reading of the blanche. To see how good/bad he is after the departure of the head brewer Vladimir Naumkin.


Zest Beer - Blanc from Bakunin

Zest (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4.5/12 I did not add the second photo for nothing. This is what the beer looks like two minutes after pouring. Blanches, like Weizens, are very foamy beers. There wasn’t much foam here, and what was there disappeared very quickly. Same goes for the taste – the carbonation is weak.

The aroma has some citrus, but very little for this style. The taste is watery. There’s quite a bit of coriander in the aftertaste, but virtually no oranges. There is a bit of a pleasant hop, but this is probably the only positive impression.

I remembered – some of the big ones had a similar blanc, with over coriander and a hollow flavor. I remembered – Kraftizdat, Dorian Grahl. Related. I don’t know if it has to do with Naumkin’s departure or some other reason, but Zest is far from the best! Very mediocre. C- Rating.


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Zest beer
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