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Zubr Gold beer

Czech Republic

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Zubr Gold beer

Let’s move on from Russian regional beers to Czech ones. Zubr beer has been sold on our market for a long time, it is available in the networks, so I wrote about it for a long time and had no particular desire to buy it. But on Saturday I saw it on the shelf of Metro, remembered about Morshanskoe and also decided to test it.

The Pivovar Přerov brewery is located in the South Moravian town of Přerov. It was founded in 1872. It is currently part of the PMS Přerov group, which includes Zubr, Litovel, Holba breweries and a malt house.

Zubr Gold (Czech Republic, Přerov) – 4.6/10-10.99 Yes, that’s exactly the ENS variation on the label. Maybe 10, maybe almost 11% density :) Funny!

The aroma is malty. The taste is a little sweet, also malted. A little honey and diacetyl in the aftertaste. The hops are not strong, but quite noticeable. As expected – a typical Czech regional beer with a little something extra, which many take for “flavor peculiarities. Maybe it is, but defects are defects.

If Morshansky would not have had trapka and wet kraton, but such diacetylity and hops thinner, it would not be much different. Zubr Gold” C+” rating.

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Александр Иджон
Zubr Gold beer
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