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Deep Dive and Aksel Darkness Beer


по Djons
Deep Dive Beer

I went to Volkovo brewery on Armagh yesterday. Alex Axel treated us to some new products – a collab with Whales and Owls Brewery, DIPA Deep Dive, and a couple of beers from his “phantom brewery”.

Deep Dive (Russia, Moscow) – 6,2/17 Well balanced DIPA. Nothing exudes and therefore drinks up a storm (it is possible that the freshness of course, bottled a week ago)! The aroma has a bit of caramel and fruit. The taste is soft and enveloping. In the aftertaste also sweet fruit and tangy as from the zest. Grade “B +”.

Celtic Frost (Russia, Moscow) – 8,5/20 Also DIPA, but more aided in the TTX. But despite the higher alcohol and ENS, it seemed to me more boring than the previous one. Same fruity tones in the aroma and aftertaste, but otherwise somehow simple and not expressive. Not bad, but nothing to praise. Rated C+.

Darkness (Russia, Moscow) – 9/23 But the impersonator pleased. Powerful. Not dry and not sweet – just right. Of course, chocolate tones, a little charcoal and leather. Taste is full and rounded. Drinking pleasure. A- rating.

Alexandr Idzhon
Celtic Frost beer

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