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IPA and Blanche from Zavod Brewery


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Zavod beer

Sometimes I am reproached (often in Youtube, although it’s about something else), that I don’t write much about craft beer. They say I write more about masmarket, but I avoid craft beers. That’s not true, of course. It’s just not that interesting to write about some rare beer brewed by a small brewery in a small volume and therefore available to very few people. Unless, of course, it’s something out of the ordinary. And I don’t think it is either. Nevertheless, I am writing. Here is today’s beer from Zavod brewery, which is in the glorious city of Khimki.

The beer was bought at Azbuka Vkusa, so it’s probably affordable to many people. There was a special offer for it – 160 rubles. I got the regular brews, not the sour smoothie aged in oak rakija barrels with Mexican tamarinds. I got IPA and Blanche.IPA

Zavod IPA (Russia, Moscow region, Khimki) – 6,9/17 This is pure normal IPA. I swear! IPA as it should be. A bit of aromatic hops. Slightly caramel, full body. Nice bitterness with citrus, pine and a touch of tropical. Everything is there, everything is just right. Rated B+.

Smoky and coriander, that’s very interesting! Even thought about brewing such a beer. Commercially, smoked beer is absolutely not a selling point, but it’s interesting to try it! I drank Blanche De Moscou with great pleasure. A grade. Good as a blanche and with a “twist”.

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Zavod IPA
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