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Khmelyoff Strong beer

Khmeloff Krepkoje, this is not decadence or falling into nothingness, this is purely a curiosity. I do not follow the “creativity” of the Chmelyoff brewery in Ryazan. Sometimes, in joint tastings, there are comments – why haven’t you tried Hmelyoff, the beer is on fire, unlike any Baltika…

Ryazan factory “Hmelyoff”, just the case, when regionals aspiring to become saints of the Pope, cleaner and emptier than beer giants, managed to do it. There is absolutely nothing to write about the beer of this brewery. Все All varieties can be characterized by two words only – clean and empty. Or poor, but clean.

Honestly, if you had an alternative – Ryazan or Baltika (or In Bev), I would have chosen the giants. At least there’s some variety in the lineup. But I saw here on the shelf Hmelyoff Strong and became curious. Regions just, in a strong beer is much more interesting than transnationals.

I don’t know why this is, but all the stout lagers from the big breweries are blasted to the max. Therefore they have an empty, alcoholic, cursed by many people taste. Regional lagers, on the contrary, are closer to the normal flavors. As a rule they are malty and dense.

Khmelyoff Strong (Russia, Ryazan) – 8/18 I don’t know if Khmelyoff made strong beer before (for sure they did) or just changed the design, but I bought it because I saw a new can on the shelf. If it”s just a design change, kudos to the marketolgoys – they hit the mark. The design really isn’t bad. Especially the unicorn poking the only horn in the dragon’s mouth (horns in my mouth!) – I get the hint!

The aroma does not stick out, but the serving temperature is important here. The taste is sweet, but not unpleasant, not sugary. ВIn the aftertaste, there are grape tones, malt and a spicy, warming theme.

I won’t say – wow, how delicious! For the style of “strong lager” is not bad. Can be with a stretch even attributed to the sides (still lacking maltiness). Rated C+.

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Александр Иджон
Khmelyoff Strong beer
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