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Luxus Beer

And here’s more Belgium. A beer with the humble name Luxus, from the Martens brewery. Martens beers are often found on our shelves, all in the “inexpensive imports” series. I won’t call it “gov-nyashki” because the quality of the beer is quite on par. I have not observed any defects in it.

Luxus (Belgium, Boholt) – 4,6/9,3 It is difficult to write something long about this beer, as it is a simple lager. Clean, malty, with a minimum of hops. Nothing “Belgian” in it. Just a Euro Lager, of which we have a lot in the stores. Blindly you can easily be confused with the products at least Baltika, at least InBew.

The price, however, is also not high. I bought something like 60 rubles. Я it is clear why I bought it, but whether it has repeated purchases of ordinary consumers – big question! Rating “C.”

If you take the same Palm (which is also more expensive) – both beers are designed for the mass audience, but what a difference!

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Александр Иджон
Luxus beer
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