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Maikop Craft

Didn’t want to spoil your New Year’s Eve mood, but I can’t keep quiet either – Maykop Brewery (shortened to MPK, but not to be confused with MPK healthy), it turns out, brews craft beer! I stumbled upon “Maikop Craft” in the recesses of Food City. Of course I couldn’t pass by. I found a lot of interesting things in Food City, and this time I also bought some interesting things. But, I’ll talk about it after the New Year.

Maykop’s “craft” lineup has more than just the varieties I bought. There are also IPA and Pale Ale, but I have not met them in Moscow. So I’ll try these.

Vienna Lager (Russia, Maikop) – 4,5/12 At one time this beer must have been a Viennese. Tones of Viennese malt it keeps to this day. But, distinct yeasty, apple, and dried fruit tones and flavors have mingled with it. The beer was bottled at the end of September (the sale date is listed as 3 months) and is already dead. The carbonation is very weak. Perhaps the cans were poured by hand. That rare case of poured beer. Grade “D”.

It’s not just “Kraft”, there’s no smell of normal “lager-unfiltered”. Terrible!

White Lion (Russia, Maikop) – 4.4/12 Claimed to be Witzen, but more like White (and the label also says White). Cilantro tones distinct, although the composition is not listed. I don’t know why this is so. Maybe also aging and oxidation gave such an effect, and maybe they didn’t specify, so as not to fall into the category of “beer drinks”.

In any case, everything is not so sad here. With gazation, on the contrary, it’s too much. The taste is dry with bread tones. In principle, beerable. Rated C+.

Horse (Russia, Maikop) – 4.1/12 And these are the guys, Dry Stout. Indeed, burnt malt in both flavor and aftertaste. Otherwise very watery. At 12% ENS you shouldn’t expect to be “full-bodied,” but it shouldn’t be as empty. Plus, the burnt gives sourness and the overall result is not very tasty, although without obvious defects. Grade “C”.

It’s good, of course, that almost all plants are trying to diversify the range, but well it turns out not for all.

PS. As comrades knowledgeable in the “southern” beer say the Maykop brewery has been brewing the “Kraft” line for about five years. Alas, there is no progress.

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