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Mica 3 Madera De Roble – three months in a madera barrel


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Mica 3 Madera De Roble - three months in a madera barrel

Kraft, it’s often weakness and daring experimentation. What happens when you add this or combine it with that? I’m not in favor of that approach. Seeing the goal, is far more important! But, sometimes it’s this kind of alchemical stuff that makes for something interesting. Interesting beers are often available at the Miratorg chain as well. The other day I saw a beer from Spain’s Cerveza Mica (maybe it was there before, but I haven’t come across it).

The Cerveza Mica brewery is located in Burgos, the old capital of Castile. The region is rich in minerals, particularly suda. And it is the mica that this brewery has chosen as its symbol. Why? It’s not very clear. What does mica have to do with beer? If you believe the description on the site, it is on such soils that barley grows well, and the brewery uses exactly the local raw materials and basically brews “mica” beer. OK! Everyone has their own legend.

Mica 3 Madera De Roble (Burgos, Spain) – 6/12.35 This beer is positioned as an IPA aged for three months in a madera barrel. And here I go back to the experiments. What did the authors intend the IPA to do by aging it in a barrel?

Do you remember how at school we were tormented by essays on the subject of “what the author wanted to say”? So here, I personally am stumped. According to the Kraft canons, aging in a barrel (and even more so in a barrel from under something), is very cool! But, what does aging do?

And aging gives the beer oxidation in the first place. The barrel is not airtight and oxygen passes through the wood. The degree of oxidation depends on many factors, but the most important thing is that it happens slowly. This is interesting on dense and strong brews with a rich full body. But who enjoys drinking an oxidized IPA!

Yes, the barrel still gives a tinge of the drink it contained before. But then again – mixing IPA with Madeira… Port wine with cologne…

The result is a caramel-sour aroma with a hint of honey. The taste is full and also slightly caramel. In the aftertaste a bit of barrel and butterscotch, a pinch of medicinal herbs. Rating “C”.

The experiments are good of course, but “what did the author want to say”, I never understood. Spoil the IPA and ruin the barrel?

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Mica 3 Madera De Roble
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