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Raspberry Porter beer by Volfas Engelman


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Raspberry Porter beer by Volfas Engelman

Not on purpose, but it happened that way. The next beer is also Lithuanian and also from the well-known Volfas Engelman. I wrote about Volfas Engelman 100500 times already. There are good things in their lineup, and there is a total rubbish. Specifically in this series, there was a beer Mango Milkshake Pale Ale (bought there, by the way, at “Otdochny”). Now here’s one with Raspberry Porter.

Raspberry Porter (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 7.5/18.5 Let’s start with the raspberries. Raspberry puree was added to the beer (and rightly so!). If you add a juice concentrate or even more flavoring, even if it’s natural, of course the flavor will be raspberry, but … naturally in a sense “cheesy”.

If you add “real, fresh raspberries,” as the Kraft puritans demand, you get nothing but sourness and raspberry compote. There are two options, either freeze-dried berries or puree. Puree is usually more predictable and gives a “natural” flavor and aroma.

And yes, the raspberry flavor is not overpowering, but it is definitely raspberry. The flavor is sweet, with a nice caramel character. In the aftertaste, besides the raspberry and its bone, there is also caramel and a pleasant bitterness on the throat.

The beer leaves a pleasant impression. It’s tasty, if you don’t think about the consistency of the style (which I don’t recommend you as a rule). Question for the porter part – where is it!

Yes, you can refer to both English and brown porter. You could do that, too! But frankly, there’s not enough burn and creosote as opposed to berry. Maybe not in an extreme way, but I’d like to.

Raspberry Porter – quite drinkable and tasty. Grade “B”.

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Raspberry Porter
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