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Stanley Cooper NST-64ASZ – supposedly American German beer


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Stanley Cooper NST-64ASZ beer

It looks like the Czech-German clearing of private brands has already been pretty trampled and the appearance of the new Scheissebrau on the shelf, will impress no one anymore. Let’s go work on the American theme. So what?! What’s worse than a pseudo-American brand of pseudo-German?! Meet Stanley Cooper NST-64ASZ, in all Crossroads of the country!

At first I thought so – some American was brought in, like Pabst Blue Ribbon. I twirled it in my hands, but no! The capital city of Augsburg, made by the German Beverage Group. Yeah, those are the ones that pour Wolpertinger, Eboshi and other crap for Global Imports.

From a purely commercial point of view, it’s done right. There’s a la Japan, there’s a la Germany, and now there’s a la America.

Everything as it should be, everything according to the law of the genre. American eagle, the name with some abracadabra understandable only to “those crazy Americans” – NST-64ASZ. And the cherry on the cake, the inscription on the top of the can – “Lager from the heart of the world. The Legend of the Best Beer.” Have you heard this legend?!

For some reason I was reminded of the beginning of the film “Bratva i Koltso” (“Brotherhood and the Ring”) translated by Goblin – “History has become a legend, the legend – a farce. And then the jokes were made up. This is the very same anecdote.

Stanley Cooper NST-64ASZ (Germany, Augsburg) – 4,9/11,2 The introduction was long, description short. Just a Eurolager. Malty, clean and dull, like the current landscape outside the window. Other than the malt body, there’s nothing there. There are virtually no hops. Taste too much. Pay 70 rubles for this? For less money you can buy exactly the same domestic dullness from a brewing giant. Guaranteed – you can not tell the difference! Rating “C”.

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Stanley Cooper NST-64ASZ
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