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Tricorny Spice Ale 2021

Moscow Brewing Company has a good tradition – to release for the New Year and Christmas, Trähgornoe Spice Ale. But there is a minus – the beer is sold only in Dixy chain (and even then, not in all stores). The reason is simple – when there were first brews and beer was sold in many chains, it often stagnated on the shelves. Seeing a “Christmas” beer on sale before March 8 was kind of weird. So they decided to reduce the volume and the sales locations.

Who wants to buy in Dixy, the more so, there are many stores of this network. The beer itself does not change from year to year, which on the one hand is good (for the average consumer), but on the other hand – I want a little variety. The format of the liter bottle some critics, but I personally like it.

Trehgornoe Spicy El 2021 (Russia, Moscow region. Mytishchi) – 5,5/13 Aroma caramel, spices almost imperceptible. Taste soft caramel. In the aftertaste of the claimed spices – cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, most noticeable cinnamon, nutmeg in the background. Ginger is more on the palate, gives a slight spiciness.

All these spices are not very bright and are in the background. Unlike most other “Christmas” ales, Trzegornoe Spice Ale 2021 is quite drinkable (bright spice flavor also has its zest, but you can’t drink a lot of it). A liter in the evening drank without stress. I will leave the rating as before “B”.

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Александр Иджон
Trehgornoe Spicy El 2021
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