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Varka Tushinskoe Beer

More and more small breweries, in addition to the original Kraft styles like IPA, APA, tomato porter, etc., began to pay attention to ordinary pale lagers. However, New Riga’s brewery had been brewing them before the Kraft boom as well.

Varka Tushinskoye (Russia, Moscow region, d. Leshkovo) – 4.5/12 In the tap is listed as a banal eurolager. I probably do not agree with this statement. Aroma of malty. The taste is full, bakery. In the aftertaste of honey, toasted white bread, malt.

Yes, it’s not hopped much, but not every pale lager has to be a pilsner. Tushinsky is more of a pils. It’s a nice, smooth, pithy pils. Grade “B.”

For those who are curious, I bought it at Bera Weekend for 125 rubles. Yes, for this money you can buy a German helle, but it is interesting to see a domestic manufacturer, too!

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Александр Иджон
Varka Tushinskoye
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