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Vyatich Red and Trifon Russian Imperial Stout


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Vyatich Red and Trifon Russian Imperial Stout

For Christmas, some new products from Kirov arrived (thanks Ruslan!). First of all, it’s a new product – Vyatich Krasnoye. Plus, the annual Christmas and brewed at a mini-brewery in a small volume – Trifon Russian Imperial Stout chokolate.

Vyatich Red (Russia, Kirov) – 5.4/14 A novelty that I really wanted to try. My friends from “Vyatka Beer Club” already checked it out and gave me all kinds of approvals, but I still can’t.

“Krsnoye” refers to a rather rare style in our palestine, rye (ryogen bier) beer. At a glance I can recall from domestic “ryogen” only: Baltika № 4, Evening Syktyvkar (is it still produced?) and the late Bogerhof Bannoye. Perhaps there was something else from the regionals, but it does not immediately come to mind.

The aroma is leavened, bready, but not sour, but very pleasant. The taste is thick and it seems that the beer should be sweet, but surprisingly not! Not that it’s completely dry, but let’s just say that the sweetness is very moderate. In the aftertaste, caramel, black bread crust and somewhere on the outskirts, nutmeg and black pepper.

Interesting and most importantly tasty beer! Unfortunately, the inscription “only for sale in the Kirov region,” causes sadness. It is clear that in the networks such beer will be sold with great difficulty, but in independent retail in Moscow and other cities where there is “Vyatich”, this could be put? And I think they will ;). Rated B+.

Vyatich Christmas (Russia, Kirov) – 6/15 Alas, everything is still sad here. As in last year, the label “Christmas” hides the usual Vyatich Strong. There were times when they used to brew “Nikolskoye”… I can’t give it a higher grade than “C” (last time it was C+). Empty, a bit alcoholic, malted.

Tryphon Russian Imperial Stout (Russia, Kirov) – 10/22 Don’t look for this beer in stores (at least for now). This Trifon is brewed in a mini brewery and dispersed among friends as a gift. Maybe someday they’ll release something like this on a larger scale (and how do you sell it?!).

The aroma is chocolate and coffee. The taste is dense, but moderately dry. In the aftertaste, bitter chocolate, ash, burnt malt and leather. Alcohol does not stick out. Very nice, very drinkable and without any obvious joints, imperez! I don’t usually rate beers from home brewers and for these kind of experimental “in the pot” brews, but I can say the beer is “very good”.

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