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Achel Blond Beer

Why am I suddenly thinking of Achel? In case anyone hasn’t read the news, chances are Achel will soon be expelled from the “trappist” club. For what? No, they, unlike LaTrappe, made a deal with the Devil with the big breweries. They just ran out. I mean, the monks ran out. There are no saintly fathers left in the cloister of Akhelse Kløys, at least not the ones who could brew beer.

And as you know, the Trappists are strict about it! In the process of brewing must necessarily participate monks, and the brewery, of course, must be within the walls of the monastery. There is a monastery, but no monks.

There is, of course, the possibility that the Trappist Association will not deprive Achel of the famous hexagon if the brethren from Westmalle come to the rescue. The fact is that Achelse Klöys Abbey is part of (if I may say so) Westmalle Abbey. It was they and Rochefort who helped launch the brewery in 1998.

Either way, with or without the sign, the beer won’t change. Nevertheless, I decided to refresh my memories so that I could tell my grandchildren later, raising a crooked finger to the sky – I was still drinking Trappist Achel, grandchildren! That was beer, not like now …!

Achel Blonde (Belgium, Hamont-Achel) – 8/19,87 Aroma is slightly yeasty with notes of cloves, bread, fruit and caramel. The taste is soft but not sweet, dry and a little spicy. In the aftertaste fruits, a little apple, spices. A good representative of the Belgian blondes, but I think it is still not the best.

Yes, it is a great beer, but there are more expressive and interesting blondes among the famous brands and not so much. Nevertheless, a tribute to Monk’s. Rated B+.

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Александр Иджон
Achel Blonde
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