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Hösl Edelpilsener and Weissbier Resi Beer


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Hösl Edelpilsener and Weissbier Resi Beer

Continuing the conversation in 2021! I already wrote about the beer from the Bavarian brewery Hösl once. At the time, it was purchased from the Rest Network. This one, mined in the bowels of Food City. On the border of the alcoholic rows with fish stands where exactly Hösl is sold. Interesting story about this turned out.

Seeing the stand, I looked closely and remembered that this brewery already drank. I asked the girl behind the counter – what does this installation mean, and is it related to the aforementioned chain? It turned out that no! This is the stand of Gambrinus Brauerei Weiden, the official importer of Hösl beer. But what about Rest? They import a lot of beer themselves, don’t they? According to the girl, Otpokhni buys this beer from a wholesaler in Poland and the brewery was very surprised by their sales in Russia.

“Gambrinus Brauerei Weiden” was only registered in July and now they will be the ones to bring this brand to Russia. They promise to bring the whole range of the brewery, plus the whole range of German, I emphasize – German beer “Gambrinus” in the near future.

While they’re bringing in some interesting varieties, I took the usual ones – pilsners and weitzen.

Edelpilsener (Germany, Mitterteich) – 4.9% alk. Sulfurous aroma. Taste smooth, full, malt. In the aftertaste of flowers, malt and also a little bit of sulfur, which gives a spicy German pils. Bitterness is grassy. Moderate, but quite obvious. A- rating. An excellent regional pils.

Weissbier Resi – Helles (Germany, Mitterteich) – 5.3% alk. A typical Bavarian Weizen with little to say about it. Of course bananas in the aroma and aftertaste. The cloves are at a minimum, but also the bananas are not as oily and obvious as I like. Not a bad vayenne, but no zest or anything outstanding. B- Grade.

The whole beer sells for 175 rubles, and if you take a case, it’s 145. If anyone needs it.

Alexandr Idzhon
Hösl Beer

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