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Lidskoye Wheat from the Master’s Collection


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Lidskoe Wheat from the Master Collection

In Belarus, in contrast to Russia, “Kraft revolution” went not from the bottom to the top, from small breweries to the giants, but vice versa. There are a few reasons for that. First – the small number of mini-breweries. The second is the weak solvency. Yes, there are a few minis now, but compared to Russia, a drop in the ocean.

When the big companies in Belarus paid attention to the craft beer market, they didn’t wait for the small ones to form it (and will they form it at all?), but started brewing IPA, APA and other “flavor” styles themselves. Krynica launched a brand called “Beer Map,” Alivaria “Karol Jan,” and Lidskoe “Master Collection.” I wrote about one of them once.

Last week, all in the same Globe saw wheat. And this is the first time – a new brand on the shelf, for some reason only one variety?! Standing alone…

Master Wheat Collection (Belarus, Lida) – 5/12 Nice, bright yellow color. Aroma clove with citrus notes. At first it even seems that it is a blanc. The taste is moderately dry, floury. But in the aftertaste clear banana notes, but not as I like – “greasy”, but “fresh,” which does not spoil the beer. Grade “B”.

Lidskoe Wheat is a well-balanced, drinkable weizen that beats all sorts of German “shit” for 60 rubles. I can’t remember the price of Lidskoye Wheat, but it’s something around 70 rubles, which might not be very cheap, but that’s Globus.

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