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Brewlab Raspberry Weizenbock and Quadrupel beers


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Brewlab Raspberry Weizenbock and Quadrupel Beer

I’ve written more than once about Tarkos Brewery and its experimental Brewlab division, as well as made a video about the brewery itself. The Brewlab lineup has some interesting stuff, and importantly, at quite decent prices. I bought Brewlab Raspberry Weizenbock and Quadrupel at the Bir World chain of stores.

Brewlab Raspberry Weizenbock (Russia, Voronezh) – 7% alk. The aroma of raspberries and the taste of raspberries with a bone. Dense, sweet. There is a slight bitterness. What is not, it is weizen. Even on clear view – the beer is absolutely clear, transparent. Strong Fruitbeer. Not bad, but not particularly interesting. Second time this has happened with fruit weizen. I wonder why? Where does the “vicinity” go when you add juice concentrate? C+ grade.

Brewlab Quadrupel (Russia, Voronezh) – 10.5% alk. As you can see on the label, the beer won an award at European Beer Star, which is fair enough. When I tasted it two years ago, there was a bit of acetone in the flavor. There’s nothing of that now. There’s caramel, raisins, butterscotch, some spice in the aftertaste. Dense, warming, but no alcohol is felt. Great quadruplet! I’ll raise my grade to “A-“.

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