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Beer Smoke My Bitch Up!

Continuing to spoiler Video by Igor Chersky about unpacking the Pena Pack. That’s it, that’s the last time – the rest is in the video, which will be released in the next few days! There are many more interesting things! Smoke My Bitch Up! by Alexander Savitsky, brewed in collaboration with Not Exactly brewery from Samara.

First of all the label is interesting. You can spend a long time looking at the plot where angry villagers poured on the ground something (porter?!) from Athanasius, skeletons stand in line for beer USSR and on the central square burning at the stake Savitsky himself. According to the description enclosed in the box – “some bloggers need a roast.” Apparently this is it :) All in all, a fun and self-critical label. Five points!

Smoke My Bitch Up! (Russia, Samara) – 6/17 The beer is stated on the tap as “Porter – Other”. The description says that it is made from English raw materials. I would have attributed the Porter itself to English, if it wasn’t for the smokiness. The smokiness is not bright. No burnt galoshes or creosote. Everything in moderation. The smokiness lays well on the velvety, caramel body. Coffee and dried fruits complement it in the aftertaste. Interesting, original, no extremism. The rating is “B +”.

But, these are my personal impressions of the drink. Much more interesting to watch the reaction of Igor, who has never been a beer drinker. Which beer would he like best and what would he say about the rest?

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Smoke My Bitch Up!
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