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Fibonacci beer from Bakunin Brewing


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Fibonacci beer from Bakunin Brewing

It’s certainly more interesting to write about new products, but sometimes it’s also worth trying something that’s been on the market for a while. DIPA Fibonacci by Bakunin has probably already become a classic. I saw it in one of our village stores and thought, why not? Especially since the last few beer from Bakunin seemed to me very mediocre and I connect this to the departure of Vladimir Naumkin. So I decided to check again – has the beer got worse?

Fibonacci (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 8/18 Brewed at Münchel Brewery. It’s not that I don’t like DIPAs, but I breathe a little bit. There are very few double IPAs that I like that are drinkable. As a rule, the full, sweet body is overshadowed by the hops, no matter how many there are. Or the other extreme is an overabundance of bitterness, which would somehow balance out the sweetness.

At one time, I noted the Fibonacci in my “taproom” as a beer with very good balance. That was 2015. Back then, we weren’t yet so spoiled and a score of 4.75 could be put on top of everything else. What do we have today?

The aroma is noticeable, fruity, with both citrus zest and passion fruit and something floral. The taste is full, but joyfully not sugary and in general, sweet for as long as necessary, but no more. In the aftertaste citrus, marmalade “lemon slices”, lychee, maybe even some overripe pineapple. The bitterness is very long and pleasant, lingering on the palate.

Maybe I wouldn’t give it a 4.75 now (though… why not?!), but if I were to rate it on the traditional blog scale, I’d give it a solid A. After drinking a can of this beer, it is quite possible to drink more, in spite of the bitterness and alcohol.

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Fibonacci beer
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