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Karpackie Pils and Mocne beers

While buying another Polish Karpackie brand beer from Van Pur at Miratorg, I was sure I had written about some of that line. Then I looked it up, yes – I mentioned it, but a long time ago. About the same Lomza by Van Pur, wrote the other day, and Karpackie somehow missed it.

Karpackie Pils (Poland, Warsaw) – 4/8.1 I wonder how they got out at 8.1% ENS 4% alcohol?! That said, the beer doesn’t give off a watery, gassy feeling. No, it’s watery and malty, but not exactly like “rinsed out the tank after brewing”. As the saying goes – clean, but poor! Water and malt. Nevertheless, drinks well (because without defects) and just to wash down the food will do. Grade “C-“.

Karpackie Mocne (Poland, Warsaw) – 6.8/11.7 And here are really fantastic scores! Strong beer at 11.7% ENS and not even alcohol content inherent in the majority of Russian strong lagers, such as Baltika No.9. Weird… Malty body, aftertaste, to which a bit of fruitiness is added. Overall, it even drinks easily. Where’s the catch! A grade of “C-” nonetheless. Nothing interesting here, although clean.

Why buy it – I do not understand. However, Miratorg seems to have signed a contract with Van Pur and now carries their entire line.

ZS. As it turns out, the price of beer in Miratorg varies from store to store. In the store at Aeroport, “Bastille Porter” already costs 169 rubles, versus 178 in the Vnukovo Outlet. Riddles in the darkness… (C) And here Igor Chersky and I are talking about my beer and about KONIX beer.

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Karpackie beer
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