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Polish Lomza beer

Apparently, the Miratorg store chain has made a good deal with Polish Van Pur. This is the first time I’ve bought Polish beer there. This time, the famous Lomza (Lomza, Lomza). But first things first.

A short break in posting is that I chipped vaccinated. Did a simple antibody test and it was not there (in a serious test it might have been found!). I figured since they’ve been sticking 5G towers everywhere, and the evil Bill Gates had owned my computer since 1997, what have I got to lose? Got vaccinated. The doctor said not to go to the bathroom for a few days (with difficulty, but I survived) and not to drink alcohol (according to other sources, even a month nizzzzyaazyaaaa!). To be honest – I didn’t really feel like it! For two days I was “really sick”. Then I let it go, but I was able to hold out a little longer. Now back on track and let’s get on with the beer!

Łomża Niepasteryzowane (Poland, Warsaw) – 5.7% alk. Surprisingly, there is quite a lot of foam initially and it is thick. Nevertheless, in a minute or two there was no trace of foam. There is almost no aroma. The taste is sweet, malty. In the aftertaste a little honey and a faint hops. Malt sweetness remains in every sip and at the end of the glass is getting pretty boring. Not much different from the same Baltika № 3. Except that Baltika foam is stronger. Grade “C”.

Lomza Export (Poland, Warsaw) – 5.7% alcohol. Purely hypothetical – the same beer as Łomża Niepasteryzowane, but pasteurized. The differences are minimal. Clean, medium-bodied, malted. Except that the aftertaste is drier. The grade is also “C”.

Lomza Jasne Pelne (Poland, Warsaw) – 6% alk. A little more interesting. The bottle repeats the historical shape, which was famous for beer Lomza. In the rest is about the same as the can. Full bodied, malted and this maltiness gives at least some “zest”. Malty, but not sweet. In the aftertaste you can even guess a little hop, which gives the dryness. Rating “C +”.

The price for the entire beer is 99.99 rubles. Does it make sense to buy it? Definitely – if you need another check at Untappd. :)

But there’s good news – Miratorg has shelved Bastille Porter. A spoonful of tint in this barrel of beer – expensive, 179 rubles. The questions are not for me or KONIX, this pricing networks, alas. Let’s watch the sales.

Bastille Porter


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