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Vasileostrovskoe beer Old Ale


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Vasileostrovsky Old Ale Beer

Vasileostrovskaya brewery continues to grow on itself, develop and experiment. Old Ale aged in wine barrel for two years. An interesting topic!

It seems to me that “Old Ale” is one style that allows for a very broad interpretation. Take at least the strength range – from 4 to 9.5%. Color – from light amber, to dark brown. Accordingly, the taste may also vary depending on the length of time in the cask. That’s why I find all the “it doesn’t taste like an old ale” moaning farfetched. An ale? Matured in barrels? That’s it, you can call it old ale!

Old Ale (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 8/17 In the aroma of wine, balsamic tones. Taste dry and simple. Lack of vigor, but as already said – perhaps that was the idea. This style does not imply power and icy in a mandatory way.

In the aftertaste of the barrel, wine, acidity, a little cherry, red berries. The acidity is moderate and does not cause rejection even for those who do not like it, like me. Rated B. Interesting and original.

Alexandr Idzhon
Vasileostrovskoe Old Ale

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