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Relatively recently I wrote about Canadian beers showing up on our supermarket shelves. It’s certainly a good thing, I’m all for expanding the range, but other than being exotic (from far away Canada!) it’s not of much interest. Now, to the Hop City and Moosehead line has been added the Alpine brand, from the same brewery.

Alpine Lager (St. John’s, Canada) – 5/11.8 As the official description says, this is a beer for drinking outdoors with friends. That is, out in the mountains, a picnic or winter fun, and then a can or two of Alpine beer.

In fact, that’s what it is – a beer to quench your thirst and wash down your food. Clean, malty, with a little apple in the aftertaste and very light hops, which is expressed in a slight grassiness. The hops used were Styrian Golding and Nugget, but in this case, it does not really matter. Grade “C”.

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Alpine Lager Beer
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