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Ayinger Festmärzen Beer


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Ayinger Festmärzen Beer

I love and respect Ayinger beer and brewery very much! I’ve written about the beer itself many times, and I’ve written about the brewery. It seemed like I had tried their entire range, except for the light, non-alcoholic and radler. But no! Turns out there’s also Festmärzen, which I was treated to at the Ayinger booth at Prodexpo.

Ayinger Festmärzen (Germany, Aying) – 5.8% alk. In the aroma and aftertaste of wildflowers, honey, caramel and malt. The body is dense, malty. A little unobtrusive hops in the grass. A classic representative of the mertzen style! Can’t add, can’t diminish. Grade “A-“

Alexandr Idzhon
Ayinger Festmärzen

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