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Beer O.J. Pilsener, Blanche and Strong


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Beer O.J. Pilsener, Blanche and Strong

As they say – coming soon to all chain stores. An O.J.-branded beer from Dutch brewery Liquor Zaar. I only had three samples – Pilsener, Blanche and Strong 8.5% – but there are about twelve of them, including beers with a 20% strength. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!

According to the marketing scripts, the O.J. brand was created by Belgian Odo Joost, better known (where?) as O.G. What follows is a complete set of crackling and meaningless phrases like – “He was created to unite those who have a common desire to break stereotypes, those who are limitless, those who want to go beyond their comfort zone… , etc.

The plant itself is located in the Netherlands, although the can bulges that “Born in Belgium”. As we can see – “Zatecky Goose”, is not a Russian invention. Belgian beer is a brand, Dutch beer is not.

O.J. Pilsener (Netherlands, Breda) – 5% alk. Clean, empty Eurolager. A little floral in the aftertaste and that’s about it. Nothing more to say about this beer. Clean and empty. Not Pils at all. Grade “C-“.

O.J. Blanche (Netherlands, Breda) – 5% alk. Yes, blanche, but with a skew in coriander. Not much full-bodied, but therefore more drinkable. As a beer to quench thirst is quite suitable, but no more. You won’t find a wealth of flavor here. Grade “C”.

O.J. Strong 8.5% (Netherlands, Breda) – 8.5% alk. Now that’s interesting! Interesting in terms of how it could be brewed and most importantly – who buys it! I’m not against strong lagers. They have a certain audience and certain tasks (to deliver alcohol to the brain). But these tasks must be performed easily and not forced, otherwise, the competitors in the form of vodka wins.

If Baltika #9 has 8% alcohol, then here we have 8.5%, which in principle allows them to be compared. And I will say this – B9 is just ambrosia compared to this drink.

Dried fruit, grapes, water and alcohol. Lots of alcohol, both in the taste and in the aftertaste. This is where you can believe in adding alcohol to a beer! Honestly took three sips (you have to figure out what’s what), poured the rest. This is impossible to drink! This is very bad! This is disgusting! Grade “D.”

Interesting (again, purely for research purposes), to try stronger versions. But I don’t think we’ll see them in our market. Make 16, or 18, or even more 20% alcohol, without added sugar (or other sugar-containing products) is certainly possible, but not for small money and not in mass quantities. And therefore, according to our idiotic laws, it should be considered a “beer drink”, but beer drink stronger than 7% cannot exist. Of course, they might not specify sugar… In any case – who needs it!

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