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Braustüb’l Mokka Stout – German coffee stout


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Braustüb'l Mokka Stout beer

Saw a German Kraft in the store and it was even inexpensive. Hands shook, brains shut down must, must! And would not go to reputable sources, that is – look at his own blog, whether he drank?! So no, give me two! And the seller also mocks – do you want to taste Braustüb’l Sunlight Hops?! I didn’t!

I found it at home, of course. Two years ago I bought this beer in the same store. More precisely, bought IPA, but the Mokka Stout and the mentioned but not purchased Sunlight Hops, no! Therefore, I will write only about Mokka Stout. IPA, then rated “C”, now would be rated “B-“. Quite a good IPA, with a nice caramel body and multifruit in the aroma and aftertaste.

Braustüb’l Mokka Stout (Germany, Darmstadt) – 6,2/16,9 Aroma light coffee. Mild taste with a slight acidity, which however is inherent in coffee. In the aftertaste added dairy (dairy, not creamy) shades, a little burnt and chocolate. Nice, drinkable, pleasant coffee (milk?) stout without any frills. Grade “B”.

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Александр Иджон
Braustüb'l Mokka Stout
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