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Broeder Jacob Double Port Beer


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Broeder Jacob Double Port Beer

Dipping into a Belgian beer is always a good idea! I first tried Broeder Jacob Double Port beer back in 2014 and it made a very good impression on me then.

Broeder Jacob, it’s a contract beer. Used to be brewed at Du Bocq, now at Brouwerij Anders!, which specializes in contract brews.

Broeder Jacob Double Port (Belgium, Halen) – 9/19.77 According to the description, this beer is “enriched” with Quinta do Castelinho port from the Duero Valley, matured for five years in oak barrels. Then, the beer undergoes an aging process in the bottle. Basically, this is something that shouldn’t exist in our country and that the PAP stooges don’t need to know about. Shh-shh-shh!

The aroma has wine tones, dried fruit, and some chocolate. The taste is moderately sweet, with a slight acidity. In the aftertaste nuts, burnt sugar, barrel, a little berry. An interesting and multi-faceted taste, which varies with the temperature of the beer. Rated A-.

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Alexandr Idzhon
Broeder Jacob Double Port Beer

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