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Beer Cabs

After the Kazakh Vesĕlecký Hmel, the Belgian Cabs seemed like the nectar of the gods. Despite the fact that the Martens brewery operates in a so-called “pop” field and I don’t remember anything interesting from them, in terms of quality they are quite normal.

Just recently wrote about their blond. Poor, but clean. Unfortunately, not very “poor” for the price. However, their other brands, like – Willianbräu, Martens, etc., are sold in networks not expensive.

Cabs (Belgium, Boholt) – 5/9.6 A strange combination of alcohol and ENS. Strongly not sure that the Russian-language label density is correct. On the other hand, why lower it, too, is not clear. But also on the taste (of course, this is far from accurate), you can not say that the beer is very watery.

The aroma is weak. The taste is dry, clean. In the aftertaste, after a nice malt flavor, you can guess a little sulfurous hop, like in the North German pils. Not by quantity, but by taste. Nothing outstanding, but not repulsive, and for example on a hot day, it’s nice to refresh yourself with this beer. Rated C+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Cabs Beer

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