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St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu beer

I first saw the St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu-branded beer at last year’s Prodexpo. It did not arouse much interest. Another STM from a medium-sized regional German factory. By the way, the name on the jar as it is – St.M. :) And only below deciphered – St. Marienthaler.

It is brewed by the Privatbrauerei Eibau. I wrote about their Dolmetscher beer not so long ago. It’s worth repeating that the St. Marienthaler, this is not a private brand of a Russian retail chain or importer, it is a brand belonging to the Marienthal monastery.

Despite the fact that the beer is positioned as a “monastic” beer, there is nothing special about it. The usual lineup of light, dark and wheat. I didn’t take the dark one, deciding to limit myself to Helle and Weitzen. I bought it at Food City for 80-something rubles. I think that in the networks it costs about the same.

St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu St. M Hell (Aibau, Germany) – 5,2/12 In the aroma and aftertaste strong honeyed notes, obviously from the aging of the beer. No wonder, bottling from May 2020. Otherwise, the usual Helles with malt tones and a little floral hint. Grade “C +”.

St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu St. M Hefeweizen (Germany, Eibau) – 5.2/12 But the wheat is quite at the level. Banana, moderately fat, just what I like. A little floral in flavor. Maybe not outstanding, but tasty. Rated “B”.

The can also has pictures of beer bloggers from the YouTub channel “Chepopivu” printed on it. I don’t give you the link because the channel is abandoned and the last video was released two years ago. Why in this case it was necessary to make an advertisement on the can, I do not understand, but the idea itself is good ;)

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St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu
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