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Myakot and Akvarel Strata & Talus Beer by Panzer


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Beer Pulp & Watercolor Strata & Talus by Panzer

New products from Panzer have arrived. The pulp, you can already buy at the VkusVill chain, but Aquarelle, with Strata and Talus hops, is a brand new beer that’s just about to go on sale.

Myakot (Russia, Moscow region Podolsk) – 6/20 Aroma juice multifruit, in which stands out mango. Taste moderately sour and you can even call it mild thanks to lactose. A tangerine is added to the mango in the aftertaste. It is tasty and drinkable, as the acidity is not “vomit-glazed. Rated “B+” (rating it specifically as a smoothie).

I’m not a fan of most sours, much less “smoothies.” Yes, we can see from the example of the “Meat” beer that it might just be tasty, but the main question is how far has it become from the beer? The most important thing here is what mashed potato you set and how much, not what malts and what hops you use. Although, one could argue with me about hops and probably give examples where hops play a role.

Nevertheless, like the now-fashionable tomato gose, these drinks are pretty far from beer. It’s more like a cocktail with beer. But, the market dictates its terms and since the new generation is choosing Pepsi smoothies, why not make them?

Aquarel Strata & Talus (Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk) – 6,9/16,7 I really like the idea of “Aquarel“. Not a singlehopf, but that’s what makes it interesting. Sometimes it’s not a great combination of hops, and sometimes it’s just awesome. I don’t know much about Strata and Talus (formerly known as HBC 692), or rather nothing. Haven’t had a beer with them, much less worked with these hops.

The aroma is tropical fruit. The taste is soft, sweet. The bitterness comes through slowly but surely. The aftertaste has a grassy and herbaceous (or rather, herringbone resin) tone. There was a slight dip in the beginning of the aftertaste, but it doesn’t spoil the overall impression. The beer is interesting and as they say – worthy to explore! Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Myakot beer

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