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Rauchbier Gletcher and Oatmeal Stout by Beer Insiders


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Rauchbier by Gletcher

Haven’t been to a beer presentation in a while, and they don’t happen very often these days. People have lost interest in them, got fed up, got drunk. Nevertheless, I took my time on Wednesday and went to one of the 69 Pints bars to try the smoked beer from Gletcher.

Smoked beer, unless it’s Schlenkerla, is rare in our market. Tarkos still brews regularly and that’s about it. If anyone does brew, it’s a one-time, little bit. The reason is simple – this beer sells very poorly!

Rauchbier (Russia, Klin) – 5.1% alk. In the aroma expected smokiness, but not strong. Taste caramel. Smokiness is also in the aftertaste, but if you compare it to Schlenkerla, much less, which is not a minus, it’s just this beer is. Also, it was brewed with Guinea pepper, but I honestly did not find it there at all. Maybe it did contribute something to the flavor, but if you don’t know, you won’t find it (you won’t convince yourself).

Overall, the beer was drinkable, tasty, but going back to the first lines – drank two glasses and do not want more. It’s good, but you don’t want to. If you brew this kind of beer, then in very small quantities. Sadly… Rated “B”.

Besides Rauchbier we also presented an Oatmeal Stout from Beer Insiders, a brewery which had split off from SVAM Group.

(St. Petersburg, Russia) – 6.2% alk. What can we say about this beer? Definitely a stout! Definitely oatmeal! :) Everything as it should be – soft, coffeey, creamy. Totally in style and well made. It is probably impossible or very difficult to do anything outstanding or special in this style. Grade “B.”

You can see Pavel Egorov’s photo report here.


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