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Russian stout from the Crimea


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Yakor Imperial Stout beer

I was introduced to the products of Yakor Brewery from the Crimea a few years ago – they sent them to Craft Depot for a tasting. Most of the beer was very mediocre, except for the grape ale. Since then maybe something has changed, I do not know, but it was interesting to try a Russian stout. Bought it.


At the store Drinx I paid for it something like 200 rubles for a bottle of 0,275 (where did they get such a bottle?!). The label just says “Russian stout”, not “imperial”. However, the text on the counter label in small print sprawling cranberry about the imperial stout that Catherine II loved so much, etc., etc.

Of the peculiarities, when brewed, were added – Crimean lavender, dried berries and herbs. Just “herbs”, without specifying what kind. Looking ahead to say – they did not show themselves in taste. Part of the beer matured in a CKT, and part in whiskey barrels and matured for another year. This is exactly matured in a barrel.

Yakor Russian Stout (Crimea, Saki district, Suvorovskoe) – 11/26 Gasification is almost zero, which for the barrel aged is normal (if then do not gasify separately). The aroma is sour, burnt and coffee. The taste for a 26 ENS seems not very dense, a little dry. In the aftertaste, coffee, bitter chocolate, acidity, noticeable bitterness for this style and a warming alcohol tone.

I would not say that bad, but there is not much interesting in it, despite the additives and aging in barrels. Perhaps the prolonged aging was unnecessary. C+ rating.

There’s a 32nd issue of Foam of the Day on the YouTube channel, where we talk about the rising price of malt and the results of the second round of the Mir Beer home brew competition.

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Yakor Russian Stout
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