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Saku Dark Lager and India Pale Ale


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Saku Dark Lager and India Pale Ale

The chain “Red and White” pleases not only with low prices, but also with constant renewal of its assortment. Recently a beer from the Estonian brewery Saku appeared, and not just a standard line, but a craft beer – Saku Antvärk.


In Old Estonian (?!), the word Antvärk means “craft brewer.” Accordingly, the entire Saku Antvärk line, is “craft beer.”

It seems to me that Carlsberg (who owns Saku Brewery), of all the brewing giants, develops the “craft” theme most correctly. If you look at their website, you can see that there are both bought brands/brands/breweries in this segment (Brooklyn, Hoppy Daze, etc.) as well as their own brands and even “craft” (rather flavorful) beers, like KOFF IPA. In Brooklyn’s case, it’s a partnership to distribute and develop new projects around the world. They work in all directions and it should be said, very successfully.

Look at the design of the cans. One gets the impression that the “bald” cans have labels on them, just like the Kraft breweries. Because of the small volume, most can not order a print run of cans and have to glue labels. But, in fact, these cans are printed :).

Saku Antvärk Dark Lager (Estonia, Saku) – 5.7/14.7 Light caramel, slightly bread aroma. The taste is soft, but not sugary. Also caramel, sweet. In the aftertaste caramel, nuts and finishes with a pleasant bitterness, which balances everything. A hearty, tasty dark lager. Grade “B”.

Saku Antvärk India Pale Ale (Saku, Estonia) – 6/14 You could say this is a classic IPA. The aroma is caramel and hops (a little woody, willow bark). The taste is full and in spite of the caramel quite dry. In the aftertaste florals, sweet citrus and a nice bitterness to the grass. Well-balanced, pithy. What more could you want! Rated B+.

It may not be a great beer, but it’s very enjoyable and well executed. Considering the price and the prevalence of K&B, across cities and towns – a good opportunity to get some interesting beer in the regions!

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