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Banana Shake by Vasileostrovskaya Brewery


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Banana Shake beer from Vasileostrovskaya

Vasileostrovskaya brewery just came up with a lot of new products! Meet Banana Shake. Probably only lazy person has not commented on all kinds of “smoothies” and “mlkshakes” and stomped on them. Nevertheless, they are bought and drunk very well. Maybe the situation here is like with euro lagers? No one likes Baltika and Klinskoye, but the beer itself is disappearing, and in considerable quantities. It is a mystery!

Personally, I’m skeptical about these kinds of beer cocktails, too. No, smoothies and milkshakes and various “tomato gose”, can often be very tasty drinks, but they are quite far from understanding beer.

But, my preferences are my preferences, and if such styles exist, you still have to appreciate them.

Banana Shake (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 5/16 In the flavor of course banana, as well as in the aftertaste. Banana-like chewing gum, but quite pleasant. A little bit of milk. The beer itself is thick and in consistency, really resembles a banana cocktail.

And I guess you could say – well… banana shake, if it weren’t for the bitterness. The 35 IBU’s listed on the label are not lost behind all that banana-milky flavor, which (also a plus) is not sweet, and quite a bit dry. A soft, unobtrusive bitterness balances everything out nicely. For the current hot weather, the Banana Shake from the fridge, was wonderfully refreshing! Rated “B.”

And of interest – last Saturday, at the Flacon Design Factory, there was an “I Love Cider” cider festival. Very interesting event. I am trying to get into cider world and understand it. I have already managed to do something :) About how the festival was – see the video on my YouTube channel.

Alexandr Idzhon
Banana Shake beer

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