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Beer Volfas Engelman Hoppy Lager and NEIPA


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Volfas Engelman Hoppy Lager and NEIPA Beer

Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman continues to delight with new “kraut” styles. Not long ago I wrote about porter with raspberries. Now trying Hoppy Lager and NEIPA.

Volfas Engelman Hoppy Lager (Lithuania, Kaunas) – 5.5/13.5 Aroma of hops, but very pungent. As if you had just opened a bag of hops with your head. And that’s not a good thing! There aren’t any notes here – there’s just a hoppy, herbal aroma. The flavor is malty, caramel. There is a dip in the aftertaste, but the hops are still strong. It feels like a heavy dose of hop oil was poured into a finished Viennese-style beer. I’m not against oils, but there needs to be a balance, and there isn’t. Grade “C”.

Volfas Engelman NEIPA (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 5/13.3 The NEIPA style is quite difficult to produce and more often than not controversial with the snobby public. If anyone here cares so much about turbidity, there it is. A bright, fruity aroma. The taste is a bit watery. Lots of pineapple and herringbone in the dry aftertaste, plus a dash of mango. A drinkable, enjoyable beer. May not be the best NEIPA, both in balance and flavor, but I liked it. Rated B+.

Alexandr Idzhon
Volfas Engelman NEIPA beer

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