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Con Mucho Gusto and Bloomy Day by Konix


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Con Mucho Gusto and Bloomy Day Beer from Konix

Two new products from Konix today. Berlirner Weiss with apricot and passion fruit – Bloomy Day and a “southern” lager in the manner of Mexican Corona beer – Con Mucho Gusto.

Bloomy Day (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 4.5% alk. Fruits are more present in the flavor. Primarily, of course, apricot. I like moderately sour taste, a bit dry. In the aftertaste besides the apricot you can also distinguish the tropical tones which are given by passion fruit, but without fanaticism. Well refreshing, summer beer. Grade “B”.

Con Mucho Gusto (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 4% alk. Apart from whether or not one likes light “corn” Southern lagers, the very fact of brewing such a beer is quite curious. And it is clear that the goal was not to copy the notorious Corona, but to make something of my own in this style. And it seems to me that the attempt was a success!

The aroma is sweet, corny. The taste is full, malty. There are more hops in the aftertaste than most of the classic representatives of this style. This is just a beer for the heat and the sea. I think a slice of lime would be quite appropriate for it. Isn’t that a little too bourgeois? That’s the style… Grade “B”.

PS. The 33rd installment of “Foams of the Day” is out on the YouTube channel.

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