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Duff Beer

Anyone who has watched the animated series The Simpsons knows that Homer Simpson’s favorite beer is Duff beer. In the press there is often “news” – look, it really exists! Yes, Duff beer is actually being produced.

They started releasing it after the TV series became popular. The creators of the show and the “inventors” of Duff, say that it was not invented as a joke on Bud, but the fate of the beer is very similar. The Duff brand, as well as the BUD (Budweiser) brand, is constantly being sued – who is more correct and who owns the brand.

In Russia, from time to time there is an importer who decides to bring it in and become “the king of beer”. I first wrote about him back in 2014. Back then, and even now, it was a German-made beer. But, last time it was brewed in Eschweg, now in Mannheim, at the notorious Eichbaum.

Duff (Mannheim, Germany) – 4.9/11.3 There is not much to describe. Like last time, this is a clean, malty beer, with minimal bitterness. Not disgusting, but empty and uninteresting. I think, in the current realities, Homer Simpson should just switch to Kraft and drink some Duff IPA and, of course, open his own Kraft bar (if that’s already happened on the show, post it). The grade is still a C+. Yes, it’s drinkable, but not particularly noteworthy.

Bought at Food City for 80 rubles. If anyone is interested.

And now, a “laifhachik,” as Ilya Lazerson says in his shows. Not for the beer theme, they gave me a sample of hop oil. Naturally, I used it for profit. I added it to this beer.

Hop Oil

See the size of the bottle, compared to a mug of beer? There’s only 5g in it. That should be enough for about 2-3 tons of beer :) . The oil isn’t for bitterness, it’s for flavor. I dipped the tip of a toothpick and dabbed it in the beer. It was a whole other thing! The beer played up the aroma of tropical fruit and citrus. Just the way we like it!

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Duff Original Beer
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