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Göller Zwickel Pils beer


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Göller Zwickel Pils beer

I’ve written about this beer from the German regional brewery Göller more than once. It’s sold in the “Rest” chain and the assortment is quite extensive – from classics, to IPA (I saw IPA, but didn’t take it yet). And the classics aren’t just expressed in the usual pils or helles, but in many variations of them.


This time I was interested in a strange Zwickel Pils. I bought.

Göller Zwickel Pils (Germany, Zeil am Maine) – 4.9/12.38 Aroma cellar (in a good way), typical of zwickels. The taste is yeasty, bread-like. Fresh, grassy hops are added in the aftertaste. An interesting hybrid of the two styles, and very well done. Excellent balance of yeasty flavors and hops. Rated “B+”.

Something like “German Beer Week” is coming to me. So be it :) In this heat, traditional German styles are just right.

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Александр Иджон
Göller Zwickel Pils
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